Taiwan first competed in the IOL in 2013, and has competed in 7 olympiads. They most recently competed in 2019. They have sent 35 participants in 11 teams.

In competition, teams from Taiwan have brought home 10 medals (1 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze), 1 gold trophy, 4 best-solution prizes and 10 honorable mentions.

In addition, Taiwan has sent 1 Repeat Medalist to the Hall of Fame.

Team Taiwan is chosen through TOL, Taiwan Olympiad in Linguistics (語言學奧林匹亞競賽臺灣隊).

Individual Contest Medalists

Year Medal Name Team
2017 Gold Ruei Hung Alex Lee TaiTWO
2018 Silver Chih-Chun Wang Taiwan Typhoon
2018 Silver Tung-Le Pan Taiwan Typhoon
2018 Silver You-Kuan Lin Taiwan Earthquake
2017 Silver Chih-Lun Julian Liu TaiTWO
2017 Silver Yao, Yung-Jui TaiONE
2016 Silver Shen-Chang Huang Taiwan Blue Magpie
2019 Bronze Chih-Chun Wang TaiNine
2019 Bronze Lee, Yu-Hsuan TaiNine
2015 Bronze Isabelle Lee Yen Taiwan

Honorable Mentions

Year Award Name Team
2019 HM Lin, You-Kuan TaiEight
2019 HM Chen, Po-Wen TaiEight
2019 HM Peng, Kai-Yang TaiNine
2019 HM Chen, Jun-Wei TaiEight
2018 HM Ri-Sheng Huang Taiwan Earthquake
2018 HM Yu-Hsuan Lee Taiwan Typhoon
2017 HM Pan, Tung-Le TaiTWO
2017 HM Willie Jeng TaiONE
2016 HM Robin Alexander Young Taiwan Blue Magpie
2016 HM Willie Jeng Taiwan Black Bear

Team Contest Trophies

Year Trophy Team
2017 Gold TaiTWO