Hungary first competed in the IOL in 2012, and has competed in 11 olympiads. They most recently competed in 2023. They have sent 80 participants in 20 teams.

In competition, teams from Hungary have brought home 14 medals (3 silver and 11 bronze), 1 bronze trophy, 1 best-solution prize and 10 honorable mentions.

In addition, Hungary has sent 1 Repeat Medalist to the Hall of Fame.

Team Hungary is chosen through Hungary Linguistics Olympiad (Magyar Nyelvészeti Diákolimpia).

Individual Contest Medalists

Year Medal Name Team
2023 Silver Benjamin Móricz Hungary Uborka
2021 Silver Miklós Gyetvai Hungary A
2018 Silver Ugrin Bálint József Hungary A
2023 Bronze Bognár András Károly Hungary Teniszütő
2022 Bronze Anita Dalma Páhán Hungary Uborka
2022 Bronze Egyházi Hanna Hungary Teniszütő
2022 Bronze Benjamin Móricz Hungary Teniszütő
2021 Bronze Lili Probojcsevity Hungary B
2019 Bronze Kövér Blanka Hungary Teniszütő
2019 Bronze Blaskovics Ákos Hungary Teniszütő
2018 Bronze Vári-Kakas Andor Hungary B
2018 Bronze Árvay-Vass Iván Hungary A
2016 Bronze Mazzag Bálint Hungary 2
2015 Bronze Bálint Ugrin Hungary 2

Honorable Mentions

Year Award Name Team
2021 HM Blanka Kövér Hungary B
2021 HM Hanna Egyházi Hungary B
2019 HM Árvay-Vass Iván Hungary Teniszütő
2019 HM Dobák Dániel Hungary Uborka
2017 HM Alexandra Souly Hungary 1
2017 HM Bálint Mazzag Hungary 2
2016 HM Diviki-Nagy Botond Hungary 2
2016 HM Souly Alexandra Hungary 1
2014 HM Veronika Timar Hungary 1
2013 HM Attila Dániel Szabó Hungary

Team Contest Trophies

Year Trophy Team
2023 Bronze Hungary Uborka