Romania first competed in the IOL in 2005, and has competed in 12 olympiads. They most recently competed in 2023. They have sent 51 participants in 13 teams.

In competition, teams from Romania have brought home 23 medals (5 gold, 7 silver and 11 bronze), 3 best-solution prizes, 6 honorable mentions and 1 team contest honorable mention.

In addition, Romania has sent 5 Repeat Medalists and 1 Dream Team to the Hall of Fame.

Team Romania is chosen through Romainan National Olympiad in Linguistics (Olimpiada Naţională de Lingvistică).

Individual Contest Medalists

Year Medal Name Team
2023 Gold Vlad-Ștefan Oros Romania 1
2022 Gold Mihai-Alexandru Bratu Romania
2021 Gold Mihai-Alexandru Bratu Romania
2017 Gold Theodor Cucu Romania
2014 Gold Dan Mircea Mirea Romania
2023 Silver Elena Păvăloaia Romania 2
2023 Silver Mihai-Alexandru Bratu Romania 1
2023 Silver Matei Chirila Romania 1
2022 Silver Vlad-Ștefan Oros Romania
2016 Silver Ioana Bouroș Romania
2015 Silver Dan Mircea Mirea Romania
2015 Silver Teodora-Elena Solovan Romania
2023 Bronze Mihaela Anghel Romania 2
2023 Bronze Valeriia Pishchymukha Romania 2
2022 Bronze Nicoleta Dobrică Romania
2021 Bronze Nicoleta Dobrică Romania
2021 Bronze Bianca-Maria Crișan Romania
2019 Bronze Matei-Costin Banu Romania
2018 Bronze Bianca-Mihaela Gănescu Romania
2017 Bronze Emilian Toma Romania
2017 Bronze Ștefan Răzvan Bălăucă Romania
2017 Bronze Matei Costin Banu Romania
2016 Bronze Theodor Cucu Romania

Honorable Mentions

Year Award Name Team
2023 HM Elena-Tamara Ivanof Romania 2
2023 HM Andrei-Cristian Nedelea-Bolboacă Romania 1
2014 HM Vlad-Andrei Neacşu Romania
2014 HM Iulia Marinescu Romania
2013 HM Maria-Cristina Ionescu Romania
2013 HM Marius Todea Romania

Individual Contest Team Average Scores

Year Place Team
1st Place
1st Place
2022 2nd Place Romania

Team Contest Honorable Mentions

Year Award Team
2021 HM Romania