Netherlands was one of the original six countries to participate in the IOL, and has competed in 20 olympiads. They most recently competed in 2023. They have sent 87 participants in 22 teams.

In competition, teams from Netherlands have brought home 10 medals (3 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze), 6 trophies (2 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze), 1 first-place team cup, 4 best-solution prizes and 20 honorable mentions.

Team Netherlands is chosen through TKO, Linguistics Olympiad (Taalkunde Olympiade).

Individual Contest Medalists

Year Medal Name Team
2021 Gold Roman Shabanov Netherlands Patat
2008 Gold Milan Abel Lopuhaä Netherlands
2003 Gold Eddin Najetovic Netherlands
2021 Silver Walt Kraeger Netherlands Friet
2019 Silver Kristian Terlien Netherlands Beter Als Jouw
2003 Silver Mirjam Plooij Netherlands
2018 Bronze Tiago Scholten Netherlands
2015 Bronze Pim Spelier Netherlands
2010 Bronze Ellen Sinot Netherlands
2004 Bronze Alexey Nazarov Netherlands

Honorable Mentions

Year Award Name Team
2022 HM Pepijn Neger Netherlands
2021 HM Maud De Wit Netherlands Friet
2019 HM Roman Shabanov Netherlands Beter Als Jouw
2019 HM Walt Kraeger Netherlands Beter Als Jouw
2018 HM Kristian Santiago Terlien Netherlands
2017 HM Thomas Chen Netherlands
2017 HM Martijn Bij de Vaate Netherlands
2015 HM Abe ten Voorde Netherlands
2015 HM Cid Swanenvleugel Netherlands
2014 HM Bart Lievaart Netherlands
2013 HM Lotte Meester Netherlands
2011 HM Koen van Asseldonk Netherlands
2010 HM Olivier Paauw Netherlands
2010 HM Ignace Schoot Netherlands
2010 HM Fenno Noij Netherlands
2009 HM Ignace Schoot Netherlands
2009 HM Charley van der Sman Netherlands
2009 HM Niels uit de Bos Netherlands
2005 HM Robin Jastrzebski Netherlands 2
2005 HM Alexei Nazarov Netherlands 1

Individual Contest Team Average Scores

Year Place Team
2003 1st Place Netherlands

Team Contest Trophies

Year Trophy Team
2005 Gold Netherlands 1
2003 Gold Netherlands
2012 Silver Netherlands
2008 Silver Netherlands
2006 Silver Netherlands
2015 Bronze Netherlands