Republic of Korea

Republic of Korea first competed in the IOL in 2008, and has competed in 13 olympiads. They most recently competed in 2021. They have sent 104 participants in 26 teams.

In competition, teams from Republic of Korea have brought home 20 medals (2 gold, 3 silver and 15 bronze), 1 silver trophy, 5 best-solution prizes, 20 honorable mentions and 1 team contest honorable mention.

In addition, Republic of Korea has sent 1 Repeat Medalist to the Hall of Fame.

Team Republic of Korea is chosen through KLO, Korea Linguistics Olympiad (한국언어학올림피아드).

Individual Contest Medalists

Year Medal Name Team
2016 Gold Jaeyeong Yang Korea Woori
2012 Gold Jonathan Hongsoon Kim Korea 2
2013 Silver Huisu Yun Korea Sori
2012 Silver Hong Bum Choi Korea 1
2012 Silver Ji Wook Kim Korea 2
2021 Bronze Kyuhan Kyung Korea Giyeok
2019 Bronze Haenaem Oh Korea Giyeok
2019 Bronze Seonoo Kim Korea Nieun
2018 Bronze Hansol Pi Korea Nieun
2016 Bronze Yejoo, Han Korea Woori
2015 Bronze Jaeyeong Yang Korea 2
2014 Bronze Yoojin Jang Korea 1
2013 Bronze JeongYeon Choi Korea Woori
2013 Bronze Jiyun Sung Korea Sori
2011 Bronze Min Kyu Kim Korea Hangul
2011 Bronze Hyun Park Korea Sejong
2010 Bronze Jeeun Song Korea 1
2009 Bronze Jun Yeop Lee Korea 1
2009 Bronze Hye jin Ryu Korea 1
2008 Bronze Joon Kyu Kang Korea KMLA

Honorable Mentions

Year Award Name Team
2021 HM Seungjoon Son Korea Giyeok
2021 HM Jinwoo Jeong Korea Nieun
2021 HM Yann Choi Korea Nieun
2019 HM Seeeun Hong Korea Giyeok
2019 HM Taeeon Park Korea Nieun
2019 HM Hansol Pi Korea Giyeok
2018 HM Jeongkeun Choi Korea Nieun
2017 HM Jae Hee Kuh Korea 1
2017 HM Seonmin Lee Korea 1
2015 HM Jun Hyosung Korea 1
2015 HM Lee Joonhak Korea 1
2015 HM Cho Ahram Korea 1
2014 HM Inhye Jeong Korea 2
2013 HM Yongjun Byun Korea Sori
2013 HM Hyunchae Kim Korea Sori
2013 HM Dayeon Lee Korea Woori
2011 HM Jonathan Hongsoon Kim Korea Sejong
2010 HM Seung Heon Lee Korea 2
2009 HM Hyung Min Son Korea 2
2009 HM Soon Ki Kwon Korea 2

Team Contest Trophies

Year Trophy Team
2009 Silver Korea 1

Team Contest Honorable Mentions

Year Award Team
2016 HM Korea Woori