Estonia was one of the original six countries to participate in the IOL, and has competed in 20 olympiads. They most recently competed in 2023. They have sent 91 participants in 23 teams.

In competition, teams from Estonia have brought home 26 medals (1 gold, 7 silver and 18 bronze), 1 first-place team cup, 8 best-solution prizes and 16 honorable mentions.

In addition, Estonia has sent 4 Repeat Medalists and 1 Dream Team to the Hall of Fame.

Team Estonia is chosen through Estonia Linguistics Olympiad (Lingvistikaolümpiaad).

Individual Contest Medalists

Year Medal Name Team
2011 Gold Eva-Lotta Käsper Estonia
2017 Silver Joonas Jürgen Kisel Estonia
2016 Silver Joonas Jürgen Kisel Estonia
2013 Silver Airika Arrik Estonia
2012 Silver Eva-Lotta Käsper Estonia
2009 Silver Irene Tamm Estonia
2007 Silver Sander Pajusalu Estonia 1
2007 Silver Teele Vaalma Estonia 2
2023 Bronze Rando Lukk Estonia
2022 Bronze Olivia Tennisberg Estonia
2021 Bronze Olivia Tennisberg Estonia 1
2019 Bronze Hant Mikit Kolk Estonia
2018 Bronze Martin Puškin Estonia
2014 Bronze Annika Kluge Estonia
2013 Bronze Ants-Oskar Mäesalu Estonia
2012 Bronze Ants-Oskar Mäesalu Estonia
2012 Bronze Mette-Triin Purde Estonia
2012 Bronze Erik Tamre Estonia
2011 Bronze Mihhail Afanasjev Estonia
2011 Bronze Ralf Ahi Estonia
2010 Bronze Mirjam Parve Estonia
2010 Bronze Mona Teppor Estonia
2009 Bronze Laura Adamson Estonia
2006 Bronze Diana Aitai Estonia 1
2004 Bronze Margus Niitsoo Estonia
2004 Bronze Natalja Hartšenko Estonia

Honorable Mentions

Year Award Name Team
2022 HM Liis Siigur Estonia
2022 HM Margetta Pajuste Estonia
2021 HM Roosmari Pihlak Estonia 2
2019 HM Ove Üllar Viesemann Estonia
2017 HM Loona Volke Estonia
2017 HM Richard Luhtaru Estonia
2016 HM Robert Nõmmann Estonia
2015 HM Linda Freienthal Estonia
2015 HM Joonas Jürgen Kisel Estonia
2011 HM Sandra Schumann Estonia
2010 HM Mihhail Afanasjev Estonia
2009 HM Eva-Lotta Käsper Estonia
2006 HM Simon Vigonski Estonia 1
2006 HM Kärt Varendi Estonia 2
2005 HM Ivar Merilo Estonia
2005 HM Simon Vigonski Estonia

Individual Contest Team Average Scores

Year Place Team
2007 1st Place Estonia 1
2011 3rd Place Estonia