Leiden 2005

Results of the Third International Olympiad in Theoretical, Mathematical and Applied Linguistics

The jury awarded 6 medals (1 gold, 1 silver, and 4 bronze) out of 50 participants, as well as 9 honorable mentions, 3 team contest trophies, 3 team cups for highest average score, and 8 best solution prizes.

Individual Contest Medalists

Medal Score Name Team
Gold 95 Ivan Dobrev Flag Bulgaria 1
Silver 87.5 Eleonora Glazova Flag St. Petersburg
Bronze 83 Nikita Medyankin Flag Moscow
Bronze 83 Tsvetomila Mihaylova Flag Bulgaria 1
Bronze 82.5 Alexander Piperski Flag Moscow
Bronze 80 Ivaylo Grozdev Flag Bulgaria 1

Honorable Mentions

Award Score Name Team
HM 77 Igor Vinogradov Flag Moscow
HM 76 Robin Jastrzebski Flag Netherlands 2
HM 75 Kiril Dimov Flag Bulgaria 2
HM 72 Alexei Nazarov Flag Netherlands 1
HM 72 Ivar Merilo Flag Estonia
HM 68.5 Aleksandra Ņivina Flag Latvia
HM 67.5 Todor Tchervenkov Flag Bulgaria 1
HM 67 Sofia Krasnoshchekova Flag St. Petersburg
HM 65.5 Simon Vigonski Flag Estonia

Individual Contest Team Rankings

Place Average Score Team
1st 81.375 Flag Bulgaria 1
2nd 75.125 Flag Moscow
3rd 65 Flag St. Petersburg

Team Contest Trophies

Medal Score Team
Gold N/A Flag Netherlands 1
Silver N/A Flag Moscow
Bronze N/A Flag St. Petersburg

Best Solutions

Problem Name Team
1 Ivan Dobrev Flag Bulgaria 1
2 Alexander Piperski Flag Moscow
2 Alexei Nazarov Flag Netherlands 1
2 Jovana Ateljević Flag Yugoslavia
3 Maciej Kanafa Flag Poland 2
3 Simon Vigonski Flag Estonia
4 Elena Khanina Flag Moscow
5 Robin Jastrzebski Flag Netherlands 2