Working language(s) selection

When a team leader (TL) asks for a working language, the Problem committee (PC) starts rendering the problem set into the respective language. If afterwards the TL withdraws the request (and no other country has requested the language), all the work done on this language version is a waste. Therefore, if a TL requests multiple working languages, they need to inform the Local organizing committee (LOC) immediately after their team(s) selection process is over, and it is clear what working languages correspond to their needs.

Example: at the time of registration Latvia asks for both Latvian and Russian as working languages. Later, when the selection process is done, it turns out that all the team(s) members would like to work in Latvian. Then, the TL should inform the LOC that they are going to use only Latvian asap after they have this information.

Please, do have in mind that the choice of a working language is an iterative process.

  1. The TLs are invited to fill up an initial registration form by 31 Jan in which they specify all their potential working languages. The collected language requests form the first version of the working languages list.
  2. A language request can be withdrawn at any point (as soon as the TLs find out that the respective working language will NOT be needed). If a language was requested, but then the request was withdrawn (and no other country has requested this language), the language is removed from the list, and the PC stops working on it. Thus, the second version of the working languages list is constructed.
  3. In June the TLs choose their working languages from the second version of the list. If a language from this second version of the list is not chosen by anyone, it is removed from the working languages list. Thus, the third (final) version of the working languages list is constructed.
  4. According to the Rules for participants, a competitor can change their language choice up to two weeks before the Olympiad begins, but only being able to choose from the languages in the final list of working languages.
  5. Do NOT expect that your working language is going to be requested by another country, and therefore you do not need to bother yourself to request it.
  6. Please, note that you can ask for any language. Asking for a particular language (e.g. English) does NOT give an advantage during the contest – all language versions are equal.