Announcement (November 18th, 2020)

From the Board of the IOL

We have received many queries regarding the 2021 Olympiad, scheduled to take place in Latvia, July 19th-23rd.

Obviously, we all hope that the Olympiad can take place as normal. However, we recognize the possibility of this not being the case, and have discussed the options open to us at this time.

We are pleased to announce the decision that, whatever the circumstances, there will be an Olympiad this summer. In the worst case, if travel to Latvia is impossible, the Olympiad will be held remotely, with teams participating in their own countries.

In the case that the Olympiad can go ahead, but some teams are prevented from travelling, we will make arrangements for those teams to participate remotely, in their own countries. Exact details will be announced in due course, nearer the time, when the situation is more certain.

Let us all hope for the best outcome, and that we will all meet in Ventspils in 2021!

Ivan Derzhanski (co-chair)
Stanislav Gurevich (co-chair)
Harold Somers (Secretary)
on behalf of the Board of the IOL